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Illumyx was developed by culture experts at Utech Consulting, Inc. and University Researchers. Utech's mission since 1991 has been to Change People's Lives.

Discover what is driving your company's culture and pinpoint where to focus your actions to create real, lasting growth. Illumyx, an interactive culture analytics platform, uses employee surveys to quantify and measure company culture across eight cultural dimensions. Simply stated, our definition of culture is HOW WORK GETS DONE.

Our 25 years of experience working with organizations throughout North America has helped us develop a strong track record of success. We take a customized approach to defining corporate values and culture. We align leadership teams to enhance leader-to-leader interaction. And, most importantly, we work with our clients to help them become self-sufficient through training and leadership development. When we pair our experience with our Illumyx culture analytics platform, we're able to provide real data that drives real organizational growth. The powerful combination of our analytics and team of experts gives our clients the confidence to know that we will find the root cause to create lasting change.

Our proven analytics deliver results and get to the root of problems instantly.

Business is all about people, and we are experts at using data to understand how the "employee experience" impacts the health of your culture. We provide real data to identify barriers that are limiting employee engagement, corporate performance, and growth.

We'll show you how to explore and interpret your data so you know exactly where to focus your efforts. Data can be overwhelming, but we eliminate the hard work with our easy-to-navigate interactive analytics process.

Our team of culture experts will help you create an action plan that you can be confident will achieve results.

We don't just provide you with data and leave. We work with you to create lasting, meaningful culture change you can track over time.


Find meaning as you explore your data. Make connections between your people and your analytics.


Uncover the real issues and opportunities that exist in your organization to illuminate your growth path.


Our analytics grow with you. Create a customized action plan so you can achieve and measure results over time.

Culture Analytics to Fit your Growth Strategy