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Culture Analytics to fit your growth path

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Standard Insights

  • Dedicated Illumyx Specialist
  • Full access to Illumyx results
  • Custom action plan to improve employee experience

Premier Insights

  • All components of Standard Insights
  • Onboard training of key associate
  • Custom questions
  • Measure culture across eight cultural dimensions
  • Custom action plan to improve culture

Enterprise Insights

  • All components of Standard Insights and Premier Insights
  • Onboard training of 10 or more people
  • Increased customization of questions
  • Launch culture surveys multiple times per year

Culture Integration Insights

  • All components of Standard Insights, Premier Insights and Enterprise Insights
  • Have the ability to compare two or more corporate cultures
  • Create an action plan for cultural integration

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A: Our culture definition is "how work gets done." Illumyx measures culture across eight cultural dimensions that depict your unique work culture.

A: We find that most companies, especially smaller ones, start understanding their culture by using a tool like Survey Monkey. But generalized surveys and polls aren’t always able to provide the insight you’ll need to drive lasting change to your company’s corporate culture. The following are benefits to using Illumyx as a culture analytics platform:

  1. Illumyx uses predictive analytics, which identifies patterns in your data so you know where to focus your time and energy. You can then create a targeted action plan to focus your effort on what you need to stop doing, start doing, and keep doing as an organization.
  2. You are assigned an Illumyx Culture Specialist to guide you through the entire process, who will provide key insights into action steps to begin impacting your culture.
  3. Illumyx has been validated as statistically reliable by the Strategic Research Institute at St. Norbert College.
  4. Illumyx sorts and organizes all your data for you and gives you access to reports and results at the touch of a button, saving you significant time and administrative costs.
  5. The interactive analytics process guides you through your data in a visual and intuitive way, helping you focus on the most important aspects of your culture.

A: We define culture as “how you get work done.” The first thing Illumyx will do is create awareness about what your culture is, which will allow you to begin intentionally shifting beliefs and behaviors to create a culture that will improve employee retention and is focused on where you need to be from an organizational life-cycle standpoint. Data is only as good as what you do with it. Illumyx is designed to drive your company to take action. Your Illumyx Culture Specialist will work with you to create accountability to ensure that your company follows through on action steps. Then you can administer follow-up Pulse surveys to identify how you’ve improved your culture.
A: Your company data will be stored and backed up on servers hosted through the Microsoft Azure platform, which is ahead of its competitors in terms of security, according to independent performance testing.
A: No, there is no limit. However, there is a minimum threshold needed for a company to benefit from Illumyx, and we currently would not recommend a company with fewer than 30 employees use it.
A: Once you’re set up with Illumyx, you and your team will have unlimited access to your Illumyx Culture Specialist, who will provide account set-up, training in how to interpret your results, recommendations, and alignment on action steps. Even after your company starts taking action, your Illumyx Culture Specialist will check in with you every 6-8 weeks to keep you and your company on the right track.
A: What most companies will do is set up a workstation and schedule time for employees to use that station to fill out the survey. However, if that doesn’t work for your company, there is a paper survey option. This can impact the price or fees associated with the service, but we’ll work to ensure that your employees have access to the survey.
A: After the survey is complete, you’ll have access within one business day to our interactive analytics platform, where you can start navigating through your company’s results.
A: This depends on you. Our longer surveys can take 12-15 minutes. Our shorter Pulse surveys can be taken in as little as 2 minutes.
A: Specific information is not shared if there are fewer than five responses in any demographic category. We’ll report the overall culture indicator score, which measures how positively your employees experience your culture, but the details of how they experience that culture will not be shared if there are fewer than five responses.
A: No. Committing to culture improvement is a long-term initiative. Illumyx is designed to be administered over a multi-year period, where you track your results and the impact of your culture initiatives over time.

A: The survey can be administered as many times as you’d like. However, we have a few typical scenarios that tend to unfold:

  1. The Illumyx standard survey is deployed once a year.
  2. The Illumyx standard survey is deployed at the start of the year, then Pulse surveys are administered quarterly or bi-annually to track general trends and progress.
  3. The Illumyx standard survey is deployed at the start of the year, with follow-up Pulse surveys administered monthly.

A: We start by scheduling a demo. We’ll take you through the portal so you know exactly what you’re going to get. We’ll begin identifying your goals and will set a plan that fits your needs and objectives. Request a demo
A: See our pricing page for plans and general costs. For a more detailed quote, contact us directly.


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